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Earth. People. Community.

At BWHSM Hotels, we believe we have a shared responsibility to be conscientious stewards within our global community. Through our Earth, People, and Community (“EPC”) effort, our goal is to strengthen one community at a time by partnering with our hoteliers and providing the necessary tools to enact meaningful change. Our hotel family is deeply committed to implementing environmentally friendly practices, fostering a culture where diversity is celebrated, and giving back to those in need. The values that have shaped our EPC effort are the heart of our organization, representing who we are as hospitality leaders, hoteliers, and associates. Together we can truly make a lasting impact on our world and ensure a bright future for generations to come.  

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We care about our earth.

"Operating responsibly is an obligation, not a choice."

As a global family, we continually seek sustainable solutions to reduce our global footprint. We are committed to supporting our hotels so that we better protect the environment, reduce our carbon footprint, and conserve energy and water. We encourage and champion sustainable products and programs to ensure responsible hotel operations. Through key partnerships with organizations such as the Sustainable Hospitality Alliance (SHA), Global Business Travel Association (GBTA) Sustainability Program, Green Key, and Green Globe, we work collaboratively within the industry to promote sustainability practices worldwide.  

We care about our people.

"Everyone is a valuable contributor to our success."

At BWH Hotels, we are committed to supporting Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. We bring these deeply held values to life each day through brand-wide initiatives including fostering women and minority entrepreneurship, mentoring the next generation of hospitality leaders, creating a culture of collaboration that embraces diverse viewpoints, and honoring the background and individuality of each person. The heart of what we do at our hotels across the world is welcome guests, each who has their own story, background, and values. Through our people-focused culture, we not only embrace uniqueness, we celebrate it.


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We care about our community.

"Together we will make the world stronger, one community at a time."

We are grateful for the strong spirit of caring exemplified by our hoteliers, associates, and guests, allowing us to truly make a difference. Our hoteliers represent the deep bonds of caring, community, and togetherness that have shaped our brand for generations. Our corporate and hotel associates perform extraordinary acts of service in their communities whether helping to rebuild after a natural disaster, serving meals to first responders, or donating to charitable causes through our charitable arm, Best Western for a Better World® (BWBW). Our valued guests and loyalty program members have also generously contributed their time, support, and rewards points to support those in need.

Think Globally, Act Locally.

BWH Hotels spans the globe with 4,300 hotels worldwide. We are proud that our partners and hoteliers around the world are deeply committed to improving our environment, supporting diversity, equity, and inclusion measures, and engaging in communities across the world to make a positive impact. Explore below and see how our hotels are making a difference Because We Care.  

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